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Support Groups for Adoptees, Adopted People

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    A Social Network for those who are adopted, those who have adopted, those looking to adopt, and adoption professionals. This network will allow you the ability to interact over different topics that are important to you. Through this interaction you may become friends with other members and build lifelong relationships, share pictures and videos and provide resources to others.



    This list is primarily geared towards people who have been adopted. Maybe you're looking for a parent/sibling/other but don't know how to do it. Maybe you FOUND your family, and would like to talk about the feelings involved. This list is open to everyone, but be warned that there might be some REALLY strong opinions about adoption and being an adoptee.

Adoption Voices


    This is a collection of blogs, chat groups, support groups and more for all members of the adoption triad, including adoptees.

Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change


    Here you will find a unique atmosphere where we strive to meet the needs of the adoptee first with support, understanding, friendship and more than a few laughs. Our main feature is our support forum where our members can come together and talk about whatever they desire; whether it be adoption related or not.

Center for Adoption Support and Education: Adult Adoptees



    The list is a discussion area for anyone who has been personally touched by adoption and wishes to trace/share their heritage information; genealogists seeking biological/adoptive family information to include an adoptee on their family tree; for other interested parties; for those helping others to seek information; and for the sharing of guidelines for searching public records.

Midwest Adoptive Families

Parent Soup


    Whether you've adopted, are considering adopting, are an adoptee or birthparent who has placed a child for adoption, please join us. Adding to your family through adoption is a loving and wonderful choice. It can also be confusing, challenging and trying. There are resources to help you navigate the process.

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