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Welcome to American-International Children's Alliance (AICA)

Our adoption agency was created with the mission and philosophy that each child deserves a loving family. Our work is to help unite orphaned children with permanent families and to help improve the lives of those who may never enjoy a loving home.

ChildrenAmerican-International Children's Alliance is a non-profit, charitable organization licensed to provide a full range of adoption services. AICA is prepared to become your partner in your international adoption. Our goal, as your partner, is to simplify the complicated process of international adoption and support you as you undergo the journey of creating a family.

Our programs in international adoptions began in 1990. Currently, AICA has programs in Romania, Russia, the Ukraine, Guatemala and Azerbaijan. AICA is able to work with families throughout the United States.

We take pride in our work in international adoptions and our knowledge of the rules and regulations of the adoption process of each country in which we work. Some of our staff are adoptive parents and all of us have worked in international adoptions for many years. Adoption is not our job; it is our life.

AICA has staff in each country who provide the same level of professionalism, care and trust that you will experience with AICA. Our international staff is dedicated to guiding our adoptive families through the in-country portion of your adoption.

Your inquiry is the first step in your adoption journey, a journey in which the adoptive parents work collaboratively with AICA's experienced international adoption professionals. AICA is here to guide you through your adoption. We encourage you to be an active participant in your adoption. AICA recognizes the individuality and needs of each adoptive family. We address each family's needs and personal situations to the best of our ability. Our years of experience in international adoptions allow us to assist parents through the complexities of the, Home Study, the adoption process from selecting an appropriate program to uniting them with their adoptive child.

Each qualified prospective adoptive family adopts a child through AICA in less than one year.

We are happy to furnish you with references of families who have recently adopted through AICA.

AICA is committed to serving prospective adoptive parents and orphaned children. We look forward to the opportunity to become your adoption partner. Best of luck.


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