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Support Groups for Parenting Adopted Children

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    A Social Network for those who are adopted, those who have adopted, those looking to adopt, and adoption professionals. This network will allow you the ability to interact over different topics that are important to you. Through this interaction you may become friends with other members and build lifelong relationships, share pictures and videos and provide resources to others.

The Adoption Agency Research Group


    The Adoption Agency Research Group was formed to help prospective adoptive parents (PAPs) in their research and selection of an international adoption agency. If you have already completed an adoption, please share your experience with us!

Adopting Gay

Adoption Voices


    This is a collection of blogs, chat groups, support groups and more for all members of the adoption triad.

Adoptive Families Circle: Young Adult Adoptees

Adoptive Parents Committee (APC)


    The Adoptive Parents Committee (APC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit parent support group comprised of volunteers dedicated to improving all aspects of adoption and interim (foster) care. APC, the oldest adoptive parent group in North America, was formed in 1955 by a small group of people who shared their adoptive experiences. Today, there are more than 1,500 member families who belong to one of APC's four chapters: Long Island, New York City, New Jersey and the Connecticut/Hudson Region. Some of our members are from Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania and other states throughout the country.

Adopt_Older_Kids Mailing List


    This mailing list is for singles and couples who have adopted, prospective and waiting adoptive parents, adoptees, adoptive grandparents and other family members and professionals touched by adoption of domestic and international older kids (non-infants). This is a place to learn, share, listen, support and be supported.



Christian International Adoption


    Welcome! We are a group of Christian parents (from the US) that is here to honor Jesus Christ (we are formerly Christian Asian Adoption, but wanted to open the group up further). We welcome Christian parents in any stage of the adoption process....whether you have already adopted or would like to adopt in the near future.

Gay and Lesbian Adoption Discussion

Infertility and Adoption Support, Inc. (IAS)


    IAS is a St. Louis based, non-profit, volunteer-run organization. On the first Thursday of each month is an Adoption Support Group for those considering adoption, those in the process or those who have adopted. Visit the site for more information.

KMC Adoption Support Group


    he KMC Adoption Support Group is comprised of adoptive parents, prospective adoptive parents, and other adults interested in the support of adoption in our American community overseas. Most of the Support Group members are either adopted themselves, have adopted children, are currently in the process of adopting, are contemplating adoption, or are interested in assisting adoption efforts in Europe.

Northwest Houston Adoption Support Group


    The Northwest Houston Adoption Support Group is a group dedicated to providing support for all people of the greater Houston area who are curious about, waiting for, or have adopted domestically, internationally, or from the foster care system. The NWHASG is not associated with any particular agency, but instead, is open to anyone who would like to participate. We will hold monthly support meetings.



    The National Infertility Association is a non-profit, charitable organization, who works to improve the lives of women and men living with infertility. The site explores different family building options including adoption.

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