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Support Groups for Pregnant Women Considering Adoption and Birthmothers

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Adoption Together Birthparents Blog

Adoption Voices


    This is a collection of blogs, chat groups, support groups and more for all members of the adoption triad, including birthmothers.

Birth Mom Buds


    We are an organization and website that provides peer counseling, support, encouragement, and friendship to birthmoms as well as pregnant women considering adoption. If you are pregnant and considering adoption, a birthmom who has placed her child for adoption, or would just like to learn more about birthmoms and what they experience, we welcome you to browse through our website, services, and get involved.


Birthmoms Mailing List

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    A support group for birthmothers. "A place that we can talk about our feelings about giving our children up, our search efforts, our reunion issues, and also a place that we can talk about the other thousand things going on in our lifes."

Concerned United Birthparents (CUB)


    Our focus is on supporting and honoring birthparents, but there's so much more. Getting involved is a wonderful way to grow.

Facebook: Birth Parents & Adoptive Parents Support Page

GEMS Birth Mother Support Group


    In 2009, Adoption Professionals launched a birth mother support group called GEMS (Giving Each Mother Support). The purpose of GEMS is to reach out to birth mothers whose lives have been touched by adoption.

Insight: Open Adoption Resources and Support


    One of the most important things you can do at this time is get as much information as you can. Information not only on adoption, but what parenting would mean for you and your child as well.

Lamb Of God Maternity Home


    Lamb Of God Maternity Home is a place for women in a crisis/unplanned pregnancy to come and live at no cost to them. We house women who are placing their babies for open adoption. They stay with us from any point during their pregnancy until about 2 months after they have placed their baby. We work towards healing the girl from whatever she is suffering from and helping her to accomplish all of her goals. We support, love, and help her through the entire adoption process while getting her back on her feet. Lamb of God is a beautiful, loving and nurturing environment where a birth mom will live with other girls making the same adoption decision as she is.

National Council for Adoption:


    This is a site full of information, stories and support for women considering adoption.

Open Adoption Bloggers


    We are a group of writers from all sides of open adoption, encompassing hundreds of blogs by adult adoptees, first parents, adoptive parents, adoption professionals, and extended family members. What began as a small blogroll has grown into an online hub for discussion and connections between people who are living out openness in adoption. Support Grous for Birth Mothers


    We know that what you are going through can be very difficult and that what you may need most of all is someone to talk to. Adoption support groups for birth mothers or birth fathers who are thinking of placing (or recently placed) a child for adoption are very limited and those that do exist are often hard to find.

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