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Support for Pregnant Women Considering Adoption and Birthmothers

Birthmothers (and in many cases birthfathers and other family members) need support all along the way. They need help in making the tough choices that go into placing your child for adoption; they need support as they transition after their child is placed with an adoptive family; and many need support from time to time over the years. That support can come in many forms - groups, books or therapist. We hope that you will find what you're looking for here.

  • Support Groups for Birthparents
      Support groups are a great way to connect with other birthparents, both online and in person. It can be very helpful to talk with other women who are also considering placing their baby for adoption, and there is a lot to be learned from women who have placed their child and are moving forward in their lives. These people are the ones who can truly understand what you're feeling right now.

  • Financial Support for Birthmothers
      One of the biggest concerns many women have when facing an unplanned pregnancy is finances. Here you will find some answers to your questions and some resources for financial assistance.

  • Books For Birthparents
      Reading can be very helpful as you go through this time. We offer recommended reading as well as links to adoption book stores, magazines and other resources.

  • Resources for Birthparents
      This is a mixed bag of links to sites with helpful information and resources for birthparents - both before and adopter the adoption.

  • Search and Reunion
      This is a list of resources for birth families and adopted people who would like to search for and connect with each other.

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