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Ethiopian Heritage Camp

Africa Adoption Agencies and Resources

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African American Adoptive Parents

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    This yahoo group is designed to be a support group for African American parents who are adopting or planning to adopt internationally or domestically. It is also a place to educate about the adoption process and to encourage more AA to adopt. Membership is not just excluded to African Americans. All are welcome to join!!!!

Black Butterflies


    A supportive adoption community for Black and Biracial parents & singles that have adopted/fostered or are trying to adopt/foster. Bulletin boards, private messaging, and chat are all available for receiving support and information on your adoption or foster care journey.

Boona-Baana Center for Children's Rights


    The Boona Baana Center provides assistance to families resident in Tanzania who wish to adopt or foster orphaned and abandoned children in Tanzania. The Boona Baana Center also establishes projects to assist vulnerable children in Tanzania to access their basic rights.

Friends Orphanage Mission


    Friends Orphanage School supports over 76 orphaned children in Uganda. This project is under the leadership of Cornerstone Miracle Center in Kisugu. It began as a church child care center but due to the increasing number of deaths among parents who die as a result of Aids and other plagues in Uganda, the project was increased. Friends Orphanage School is a Christian non-profit church mission to combat illiteracy. The school provides education, food, clothes, medicine and counselling.

Sierra Leone Adoption

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    This group is for families who have adopted from Sierra Leone, who are in the process of doing so, or considering adoption from Sierra Leone. Our goal is to share information about the process of adoption from this country and knowledge about the country, culture, and history of Sierra Leone. Of course, you can talk about your kids from Sierra Leone too!

South African Adoption

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