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Ethiopian Heritage Camp

Ethiopia Adoption Agencies and Resources



    AbshiroKids providing Ethiopian Kids Music, Stories, Animation and much more! AbshiroKids strive to be the most reliable and enduring resource for your child's growth linguistically and culturally. We help them connect by providing: Educational products that are fun at the same time, products that lead to positive cultural influences, resources to teach your kids language (speaking, reading, writing), animation, music, stories, and other tools, as well as events that bring our kids together and connect them to their heritage. ...A community, a connection!

Amharic Kids


    A resource created to meet the need of Ethiopian adopted families for books and toys related to Ethiopia. Amharic Kids is a publishing house and also produces toys and other items related to Ethiopia and Ethiopian adoption.

Bay Area Ethiopian Adoption

Children of Ethiopia Education Fund


    The Children of Ethiopia Education Fund exists to improve the lives and futures of girls in Ethiopia; and to allow the opportunity for people in the United States and around the world, who have been more materially blessed, to give of themselves.


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    This group is for families who have adopted from, are in the process of adopting from or are thinking about adopting from Ethiopia. It is open to anyone regardless of whether you adopted from an agency or independently. It is also a place to share information about Ethiopian culture, orphanages and help families network with each other. Adoptive or potential adoptive families from any country are welcome. While posts are not moderated, membership requests will need to be approved to try to prevent spammers from joining the list.



    This is a group for folks in Colorado and the rocky mountain region who have adopted from or are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia. It is also for those interested in learning more about this process. It will provide support and connection to the Ethiopian culture.

Ethiopians For Ethiopians


    The past tells us that one day our children will ask a question we may not be equipped to answer. "Who am I?" When that day arrives, the answer will come more easily to those who can draw from a collection of rich experiences and strong relationships. More than just a place of learning, Ethiopians for Ethiopians is a safe heaven: a sanctuary. Beyond the cooking lessons, language classes and hair styling we bravely delve into uncharted territory. We invite expert speakers to help us explore real topics; like transracial parenting and diversity in our community. We don't just confront the issues - we embrace them in a warm, open, approachable environment..

Ethiopian Kids Community


    EKC is a group of families who have adopted children from Ethiopia based in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area of Minnesota. EKC exists to equip adoptive families with cultural resources, keep families with Ethiopian kids connected through fellowships and create opportunities for Ethiopian kids to give back to Ethiopia. EKC hosts monthly events and an annual summer gathering. INformation about these events may be found on their message board.

Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc.


    Ethiopian Orphan Relief (EOR) is a 501(c)(3) charity that works to improve the living conditions and lives of Ethiopian orphans by working with Ethiopian orphanages and adoption agency care houses to provide supplies, infrastructure and experiences. We seek to intervene early in the orphanage experience to make this often difficult transition as smooth as possible, and to keep the children as physically and emotionally healthy as possible so they are willing and able to be loved by their forever families.

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