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Guatemala Adoption Agencies and Resources


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    Guatemala-Adopt is a mailing list for discussion of international adoption from Guatemala, and of Guatemalan culture, politics, and other related topics, with a particular emphasis on areas of interest to adoptive families. The list covers issues for those considering Guatemalan adoption, those currently in the process, and those who have already adopted. While the focus is Guatemala, discussion of adoption and culture of other countries in Latin America is also welcome.

Guatemala Adopt Sibling Registry

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    The Guatemala Adopt Sibling Registry is a free registry where families who have adopted from Guatemala can enter their child's biological family information in hopes of finding biological siblings or other biological family who may also have been adopted. The biological family information is limited to initials. Membership is restricted and private. The information is viewable only by members.

LAAF-WI (Latin American Adoptive Families of Wisconsin) Waiter's Group

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    LAAF-WI (Latin American Adoptive Families of Wisconsin) Waiter's Group is for families who are in the process of completing an adoption from Guatemala. Families must live in Wisconsin, and membership is by invitation or moderator approval only.

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