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Haiti Adoption Agencies and Resources

Answered Prayers


    Answered Prayers is a Licensed Humanitarian Aid & Dossier Preparation Assistance Service that assists many ministries in Haiti. Most of our efforts are for the Brebis Orphanage outside of Port-au-Prince. While we do have adoptable children listed on our website it is important to note that Answered Prayers does not facilitate the adoptions of these children, all adoptions are done independently through the orphanage and its attorney. Answered Prayers acts as a liaison between Brebis and adoptive families providing you with support, encouragement, help with dossier preparation and regular updates on your child(ren).


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    This list is designed to generate discussion and to provide family to family support and resource information in regard to adoptions out of Haiti.


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    This list is for those who are interested in finding out more information about adopting from Haiti and also for those who have adopted from Haiti.

United States Foundation for the Children of Haiti


    The United States Foundation for the Children of Haiti (USFCH) is organized to provide financial, medical, and religious support and assistance to the needy children of Haiti through its dedication to Fondation Pour Les Enfants dÌHaiti (FEH). The projects of FEH include an orphanage, elementary school, nursery, home for handicapped children and hospital in Port au Prince, Haiti.

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