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Pacific Islands Adoption Agencies and Resources

RMI-kids Information for Marshall Islands Adoption

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    Description: YOKWE!! This list is families whose lives have been touched by adoption from the Republic of the Marshall Islands. The members include those seeking information, those in process of adoption and those who have beautiful Marshallese children in their lives. This is an open forum to share information, support, encouragement, insight and cultural aspects of adoption from the Marshalls. Kommol tata!


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    Description: This group is for ALL families involved on some level with children adopted from Samoa. It is open to interested, in-process and already adoptive families. It does not matter whether you adopted privately, through an agency, from Samoa or the American Samoas or a Samoan child domestically, if you reside in the US or not, if you are American or not. There are no membership requirements with regard to religion, race, age, etc. The point is to make connections to other families with Samoan children, learn together, form friendships, support one another, etc.

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