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Romania Adoption Agencies and Resources

Book on Romanian Adoptions


    A popular guide to events, policies and cultural influences on Romanian adoption. The authors consider recent Romanian history and the effects of institutionalization on adoptees and adoptive families. They draw richly upon first person narratives, as well as the research of social scientist. For those considering international adoption, a special section is included on processes, procedures and expenses. Written in an engaging, first person manner, the book will be an invaluable resource for adoptive families, those considering adoption, practicing adoption workers, and college courses pertaining to the complexities and realities of international adoption.

International Adoption, Beginning a Life Book

FRUA, INC (Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption, Including Neighboring Countries)


    Hope, Help and Community for Adoptive Families. Chapters across the US and members around the world. Provides international adoption support resources for families who have adopted, or are waiting to adopt, from Eastern European or Central Asia (ex-Soviet republics & bloc countries) including Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Romania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Albania, Estonia, Moldova, and Slovakia. Offers family and adoption education resources and a supportive community that nurtures adopted children and supports parents and families. FRUA is not an adoption agency nor do they place children.

Romanian Adoption


    This list is an arena for all interested in the Romanian adoption procedure, families who are currently adopting and those who have adopted from Romania. The list is also open to those interested in adopting from Moldova since many of the cultural traditions and heritage is shared between the two countries. This list is rather informal and encourages discussion of all topics in reference to Romania and Romanian adoption.

Romania List

    To Subscribe: Send an email to (any subject line will work) and type in: subscribe Romania-list FirstName LastName.

    Listowner: Eastern European Adoption Coalition (EEAC) (

    The Eastern European Adoption Coalition has established several lists to better serve the EE adoptive community. Mailing lists offer information and networking contacts, parenting tips and problem-solving advice to all who participate. Subscription is free.

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