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Ethiopian Heritage Camp

Ethiopian Culture Camps & Heritage |

African Cradle Ethiopia Heritage Camp (California)


    This is the first Ethiopian Heritage Camp established in 1998! Having a positive connection to their cultural roots enables adopted children to embrace all aspects of who they are, resulting in a more grounded sense of self. The interpersonal connections made and nourished between adopted children are a key factor in their development. In order to meet this need, African Cradle includes an array of fun and educational social events and camps. African Cradle events explore the rich heritage and cultural backgrounds that are an integral part of the adults that these children will become.

EAKC Ethiopian Heritage Camp (Wisconsin)

Ethiopian Heritage & Culture Camp (Virginia)


    A most incredible gift we can give to our kids, the chance to discover a key aspect of who they are. The camp provides an authentic cultural atmosphere & numerous educational opportunities for both kids & parents. Our goal for the camp is to help us raise confident, well adjusted, Ethiopian-American. Spons. by AbshiroKids.

Ethiopian Heritage Day (Colorado)


    We encourage you to attend the entire Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families African/Caribbean Heritage Camp, which is such a great experience for Transracial families, and join in the EHD activities on Saturday. However, you can come to camp on Saturday just for our special Ethiopian Heritage Day.

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