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Indian Culture Camps & Heritage |

Indian/Nepalese Heritage Camp (Colorado)


    For more than 20 years, families from across the country have gained a fuller appreciation of India and Nepal's beautiful culture at Indian/Nepalese Heritage Camp (INHC). Friendships are created, strengthened and renewed each year - friendships that endure across the miles. INHC, the second of eleven camps developed by the highly respected Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families non-profit organization, is a family camp with programming for each member of the family from ages 3 to adult.

India Ties Birth Country Journey (India)

Midwest I-Child / Namasté Heritage Camp (Wisconsin)


    An annual winter gathering and summer camp held each Summer for families that have adopted (or are in the adoption process) from India, Nepal, China, the United States and several other countries, who have an interest in exposing their kids to their birth country's culture and meeting and socializing with other families that have adopted.

Visit India Tour (India)


    India adoptees & their families will have an opportunity to experience India's cultural & historic sites, visit the facilities of the Indian Society for the Rehabilitation of Children & enjoy numerous hands-on cultural activities. Sponsored by Dillon International.

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