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Latin American Heritage Camp (Colorado)


    Latin American Heritage Camp in Colorado is one of the few camps of its kind in the country, designed specifically for families with children adopted from Central and South America, as well as those of Hispanic heritage adopted within the United States. It is one of 11 camps facilitated by the highly respected Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families non-profit organization.

La Semana Culture Camp (Minnesota)


    Annual week-long summer day camp for adoptive families with children in elementary through high school. The camp is designed to promote self-esteem and an understanding of Latin American culture and society, and includes crafts and dancing, exposure to Latin American foods, music and language, and age-appropriate classes on adoption-related topics.

Latin America Parents Association (LAPA) (New York)


    Volunteer association of adoptive parents committed to aiding adoptive families and those seeking to adopt children from Latin America. LAPA sponsors an annual family weekend, educational and social activities, and supplies materials to orphanages.

Paraguayan Ties - Adoptive Family Homeland Journeys (Paraguay)

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