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Camp Mabuhay (Indiana)

Camp Mabuhay Indiana, Inc. welcomes families who have ties to the Philippines through adoption, marriage, friendships and ancestry. Our camp is intended to allow for a better understanding of the Filipino culture. Camp activities are beneficial for all participants in that they allow everyone to explore Filipino culture together in an enjoyable and non-threatening environment. This camp is ideal for children of Filipino decent who are growing up as young Americans in the United States. It is hosted by American parents who are also trying to learn more about Filipino culture from those who grew up in the United States but have knowledge of the culture.

Filipino/Indonesian/Pacific Islands Heritage Camp (Colorado)


    The Filipino/Indonesian/Pacific Islands Heritage Camp is one of a handful of camps around the country designed especially for families with children adopted from the Philippines, Indonesia, Micronesia, Samoa, Marshall Islands and other Pacific island countries. This is the first year that we are expanding the scope of our camp to include families who have adopted from one of the Pacific Islands.Committed to exploring both the cultural and the adoption aspects of growing as an adoptive family, it is one of 11 camps facilitated by the highly respected Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families, Inc.

Filipino Ties - Adoptive Family Homeland Journeys (Philippines)

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