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Transracial Culture Camps & Heritage |

(See also individual countries' culture and heritage camps)

Holt International Adoptee Camp (CA, GA, OR, PA, WI)


    As the parent of an international and/or transracial adoptee, there's an added layer of complexity in your family. Your children may have questions of identity or feelings of isolation and not fitting in. Holt Adoptee camp offers a unique experience for your children, providing them a safe environment to discuss these feelings. As a community of adoptees, we support each other, understand each other and most of all, have fun together.

KALEIDOSCOPE Culture Camp (Illinios)


    KALEIDOSCOPE Culture Camp is for children that joined their families through adoption or foster care, their siblings, & their parents. This exciting camp is for children entering Kindergarten through 10th grade. The camp programs offered are: African/African American, Chinese, Eastern European, and Latin American. Campers spend their time learning about the history, customs, cuisine, and language of their birth countries through various activities including, crafts, songs, presentations and games.

Pact Family Camp (California/Nevada)


    The "jewel in the crown" of Pact's educational programs is Pact Family Camp: a weeklong summer retreat where adopted children of color and their families can share their experiences while learning from experts and each other. Many families have told us that their time at Camp offers them a community they can't find anyplace else.

Weaving Cultures Family Camp (Ohio)

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