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Home Study Adoption

No matter they you choose to adopt, every perspective adoptive family must undergo an Adoption Home Study with a licensed home study provider in the county and state in which they live. The purpose of the home study is to gather information about the ability of the adoptive family to care for a child; the age, gender and other details about the child who's needs they might best meet, and to educate and prepare the family for adoption.

The home study includes several meetings with a social worker, including at least one in your home. There is a lot of paperwork associated with a home study - forms for you to fill out, forms to get from your bank, your doctor, your employer, and from character references. You'll need copies of your birth certificates, marriage licenses (and divorce decrees, if applicable), and you'll need to get clearance from several law enforcement agencies. It's a bit of a run-around but it doesn't take that long and everyone goes through it!

Many perspective adoptive parents are nervous about the home study process, fearing that they won't be "good" enough. It's helpful to remember that this process is in both the child's and the family's best interests. The social worker who provides the home study is not looking for perfect parents. You don't have to be wealthy, you don't have to own a home and every family has things about them that aren't perfect. What they're looking for is a level of emotional, physical and financial stability needed to parent a child.

The result is a written Home Study Report which includes all the pertinent information about the family and the child whom they would best parent.

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