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Independent Adoption

In an Independent adoption, the child is placed with the adoptive parents by the birthmother without the involvement of an agency. In these cases, the birthmother chooses the family with whom she will place her child. The adoptive family and birthmother may find each other in a variety of ways. Families seeking to adopt may place a Parent Profile online or an ad in newspapers or magazines. Birthmothers may seek the assistance of a physician or clergy. There are also non-licensed adoption facilitators who assist in the matching of birthmothers and perpective adoptive parents.

Independent adoptions are legal in all but a handful of US states. Each state, however, has restrictions on different aspects of independent adoptions. If you seek to adopt across state lines, you must comply with the laws in both states. This requires the involvement of the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC), a legally binding agreement between states regulating the placement of children across state lines.

An adoption attorney is typically used to handle the legal aspects of this process. The adoptive family will also need a home study provided by a licensed adoption agency.

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