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Older Parent Adoption

There was a time when age 40 was the "line in the sand" for adopting an infant. As people live longer and remain healthy into their later years, that line is becoming more and more blurred. There are no clear statistics on the numbers of people adopting over the age of 40 but the numbers are on the rise for both domestic and international adoption. The truth is, it may be more difficult for older parents to adopt but it can be done and is being done every day.

The first thing you will need to do is decide which type of adoption is best for you. If you decide to adopt through the foster care system, your State Department of Children and Families will assit you. If you decide to pursue a private Domestic or International adoption, you'll need to find an Adoption Professional who will work with perspective adoptive parents over the age of 40. They can then guide you in the right direction. In an International adoption, for example, there are different maximum age requirements for different countries. An International Adoption Agency will be able tell you from which countries you would be eligible to adopt.

Some things you might want to consider if you are over 40 and seeking to adopt:

  1. Think about adopting an older child. There are so many children who are not adopted because they've reached the age where they're no longer attractive to younger couples desiring a newborn or a very young infant. But these kids need and deserve a loving home.
  2. Consider a transracial adoption. The need for adoptive families for kids of color is greater than the need for families to adopt Caucasian children.
  3. Consider adopting a child with special needs. There is a very broad spectrum of "special needs" children who are in great need of being adopted.

This is not to say that older adoptive parents are a "last resort" for adopting a healthy infant. But the older and wiser parent may be the best choice for adopting a child who may be overlooked by the masses.

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