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Colombian Siblings Waiting Child Photolisting

Child ID: LBB-LBB2015-3C

Gender: Boy

Age: 9

Gender: Girl

Age: 12

Gender: Boy

Age: 13

Country: Colorado

Description: 13 year old Carlos loves to play futbol. He is a good student, completes his homework and likes school. Carlos is the oldest in the group and takes care of his siblings. He is respectful and friendly. Michel is 12 years old. She is very tender, calm and emotionally stable with very good social skills. She participates in a music group and dreams of heaving a forever family. Michel likes learning new things at school. Julian is the youngest sibling of the group at 9 years old. He is social, tender and careful of his belongings. He is joyful, puts his effort into every activity he does. Julian is perseverant and curious. He likes presents, trips and sport. Julian has asthma.

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