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Adoption Resources for Cerebral Palsy

Adopting_Children_With_Cerebral_Palsy Yahoo Group


    Very Active & Mutually Supportive Yahoo Group of over 250 Adoptive Parents (and parents-to-be) of Children with Cerebral Palsy. Together, we hope we can create a caring, sharing and supportive community to celebrate the unique challenges and joys of parenting our children with Cerebral Palsy. This Resource-Rich Group is moderated to stimulate discussion of relevant topics, including medical concerns, assistive technology, parenting strategies, how-to adoption issues, special education, advocacy training and resources, community inclusion services, funding possibilities for adoption and other special needs, and futures planning. Help is here to Find a child or Raise your child; Connect with funding sources or Outreach to others who care; Ask your hardest Questions or Share emotions and struggles --- we cover everything involved with children with CP and CP-similar issues, as well as other significant special needs.

United Cerebral Palsy (UCP)


    A leading service provider and advocate for adults and children with disabilities, including cerebral palsy. As one of the largest health nonprofits in America, the UCP mission is to advance the independence, productivity and full citizenship of people with disabilities through an affiliate network.

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