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Transracial Adoption Articles

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This is a collection of articles and web sites that pertain to transracial and/or transcultural adoption.

Adoptive Families: The Color of Life


    Transracial Adoption: Parenting inspiration, expert advice, and family photos from AF readers and editors. Find links to the best resources on transracial adoption below including books, articles, and Web sites.

Child Welfare Information Gateway: Transracial or Transcultural Adoption


    This excellent article examines first the issues one should consider when thinking about transracial adoption as an option for your family. It then goes on to outline "How You Can Help Your Child To Become a Stable, Happy, Healthy Individual With a Strong Sense of Racial or Cultural Identity".

NACAC: Transracial/Transcultural Parenting


    NACAC offers training and publications for people who are currently, or who are considering, parenting transracially. Designed for current or prospective transracial or transcultural foster and adoptive parents, this information helps parents think about the role of race in their children's lives and help build their children's sense of racial or cultural identity.

Pact: Transracial Adoption/Interracial Adoption


    Here you will find some of Pact's best articles, essays, videos and reviews on this topic. Parenting children across racial lines brings on new challenges and joys. Pact has long been known for advanced insight into the experience of transracial adoption. Advice for parents of children of color, whether they were born domestically or internationally, includes addressing issues of racial pride, white privilege, racism and understanding how racial identity formation occurs. We also have a selection of personal stories from both parents and adopted people as well as suggestions for handling questions from outsiders when you become a "visible" family by adoption.

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