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Aki & Eric

We promise to offer the financial, emotional, and social support that will allow our child to grow, flourish, and live a joyful life.

We want the child we raise to have a joyous life and to enjoy close and meaningful relationships with others. As an international, intercultural, and interlingual family (Japanese and English) it is our hope that the child we parent will have access to both of these contexts.

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Occupation: College teacher
Education: Master of Education
Hobbies: Talking walks with my dog; cooking; traveling
What You Should Know About Me:

I am originally from Japan. I love spending time with children and have so much love to give the child I raise. I love teaching and look forward to helping my child explore the world in ways that enrich their understanding and foster their happiness.

Occupation: professor
Education: PhD
Hobbies: hiking; trying new foods; cooking
What You Should Know About Me:

I have wanted to be a father for a long time. I cannot wait to help my child explore the world and experience its beauties. My first priority is always my family.