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"I will raise your child with unconditional love -and help them to live in the world with joy, awe and gratitude."

I believe in creating a warm and loving atmosphere where a child feels unconditional love and has people to help them grow and discover the world. I think that one sacred task of every person in the world is to figure out what they can do in this world that is special and important using their own talents.

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About Me

Occupation: Clergy - Rabbi
Education: Ordination and Masters Degree
Religion: Jewish
Hobbies: singing, dancing, yoga, hosting meals, movies
What You Should Know About Me:

I hope to be a good parent because I had great parents. I love children, creativity, music, art and fun. I have a love of humanity and am curious about the world! I am both intense and easy-going at the same time. I know that love, friends, family and helping others is what gives us meaning in our lives.