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Andrea & Patrick

"We commit to providing your child a secure future filled with laughter, love, & joy. We can't wait to be parents, & we can't wait to meet you."

While we are excited to expand our family through adoption, we cannot imagine the difficulty of the decisions you are making. If we take this adoption journey together, our commitment to you is that we'll have a relationship of respect, empathy, and love.

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Occupation: health philanthropy
Education: Master's degree
Hobbies: Hiking, traveling
What You Should Know About Me:

We spend a lot of our time with friends and family, hiking, experiencing the outdoors, and learning new things.

Occupation: finance
Education: undergraduate degree
Hobbies: Traveling, astronomy
What You Should Know About Me:

We are very active in our neighborhood and community. A big part of our lives is helping to create a connective and supportive community wherever we are.