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Brandon & Michael

We're a young, interracial couple excited and ready to adopt a child of color

We are look forward to the open adoption process and to getting to know you. While we don't know everything that you are going through, we imagine that you have a lot to think about. We are thankful for the time that you are giving to read about us. Our adoption agency (Pact) is managing communication for us.

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Age: 32
Occupation: Business Consultant
Education: B.A. Political Science & Nonprofit Leadership
What You Should Know About Me:

From Brandon: "The first thing I noticed about Michael was his confidence. He knows a lot about himself and works hard for the things he wants in life. He is also extremely compassionate. Michael’s ability to share, love, and protect is amazing."

Age: 30
Occupation: Jury Consultant
Education: PhD, Pyschology
What You Should Know About Me:

From Michael: "Brandon is the most caring and compassionate person I know. Throughout our relationship, he has honored and respected who I am and has helped me grow along the way. His curiosity, kindness, and humor make him a great friend and partner."