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Brian and Gordon

"We want to be the kind of parents who encourage continuously, love unconditionally, and celebrate whoever our children are."

Hi there and thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We admire your bravery in considering adoption as you plan for the future for you and your child.

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Occupation: psychologist
Education: Doctorate Degree in Psychology
Hobbies: running, biking
What You Should Know About Me:

He helps people work through various struggles in their lives and helps them find relief in his kind and supportive approach. He truly loves his job and is excited by helping people feel better and live fuller lives.

Occupation: software designer
Education: Masters Degree in Design
Hobbies: biking, cooking, working out
What You Should Know About Me:

He enjoys being creative and working with his team to come up with new ideas and solve problems. He loves connecting with people at work and gets to travel a bit to the office in Arizona.