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Daniel & George

TWO loving DADDIES and a BROTHER!!!

To a VERY special Woman: Thank you for considering us. Your interest in us gives hope that one day we will fulfill our dream to give our son a brother, or a sister, for a lifetime of siblings' love and laughter. Love is what will bring a baby to us and love is what we will nurture all the children with.

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Occupation: Executive Recruiter
Education: Bachelor Degree in International Business
Religion: Spiritual
Hobbies: Running, yoga, cooking.
What You Should Know About Me:

Written by Daniel: George's commitment to live a truthful life and his pursuit of real connections has been inspiring. He is witty, smart, cultured and incredibly well traveled. His calm demeanor in difficult situations is the perfect balance to my more emotional approach.He is a loving, caring and attentive dad too!

Occupation: Executive Creative Director
Education: Master in Communication Science
Religion: Christian
Hobbies: Working out, yoga, traveling.
What You Should Know About Me:

Written by George: Daniel is a true “people person". He is very successful in his profession, and I admire him for that. Most importantly he has a good heart and the right values to be a great father to our children. Daniel is the ultimate dad, providing to his family with love and determination.

Occupation: Student
Education: All my dads are teaching me!
Religion: Christian
Hobbies: Walking, Exploring, Eating good food.
What You Should Know About Me:

Written by the Dads: Matteo is the best child anyone could dream of. He is always smiling, curious and always up to something new and fun. We love him to the Moon and back and we are extremely grateful to his birthmother for choosing us. Her selfless act allowed us to start our family.


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