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Danielle and Wayne

You are strong and courageous and an answer to 20 years of prayers! We hope to share our love of animals, trivia, STEM, and the beach!

Thank you for your courage. We hope shower your child with hugs, time, service, gifts. We live in NC with 2 cats and a poodle. We hope to share love of animals, trivia, and beach vacation. We are fast to help others and strengthened by challenges. We balance work and play and kindness every day.

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Occupation: Clinical Research Management
Education: PhD
Religion: Christian
What You Should Know About Me:

Danielle works at home and serves in children’s ministry. Danielle works to share her love of science and medicine every day to help others.

Occupation: City Engineering, Planning and Mapping
Education: Masters
Religion: Christian
What You Should Know About Me:

Wayne is extremely handy with technology and paint and tiles and wood. Wayne will drop anything to help a neighbor or friend or family member.