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Eric and Amy

"We will provide a strong and supportive home to your child and will always talk openly and honestly about their adoption story."

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us as we begin our adoption journey. We feel fortunate to be able to share with you a glimpse into our lives and tell you more about our hopes and dreams for building a family.

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Occupation: Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Education: Masters Degree
Hobbies: Playing the guitar & going to the movies.
What You Should Know About Me:

I'm a loving and hardworking guy who will do whatever it takes to make sure my family is happy and healthy! Supporting my close circle of friends is also very important to me.

Occupation: Homemaker
Education: Child Development Associates
Hobbies: Nabysitting, cooking, and gym.
What You Should Know About Me:

I am passionate about being a mother and believe in my heart that I'm destined to be a mom. I'm caring, thoughtful, and love doing things for others. I've always loved being around and taking care of children.