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Jen & Lindsay

Nurturing, goofy family that is ready with big hearts to start our family!

We: Laugh until we cry. Sing off tune. Dance hoping our neighbors aren't watching. Tell bad dad jokes. Play like we're kids again. We love spending time with our family, camping, concerts, golfing, hiking, biking, sporting events. We love family snuggle nights watching movies, coloring or doing puzzles

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Occupation: Business Intelligence Analyst
Education: BS in Financial Management and Economics
Hobbies: Family, friends, basketball, puzzles, movies
What You Should Know About Me:

My family is the most important thing to me. Growing up, I didn't get as much nurturing as I would have liked or needed, so it's really important to me that my child(ren) feel nurtured. I consider myself to be pretty athletic so I love to play sports. I love animals so much. Some day I hope to have a hobby farm.

Occupation: Software Sales
Education: BS Exercise Science and Biomedical Studies
Hobbies: hiking, biking, gardening
What You Should Know About Me:

I grew up spending time on the lake and at my grandparent's old farm. I enjoy spending time outdoors (hiking, biking, gardening), listening to live music and trying different recipes to make smoked ribs.I played hockey and softball in college.