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Johnhan & Jeanne

Adventurous Bilingual Asian Couple Hoping to Adopt Second Child

We are a fun-loving family hoping to add one more to our family. We love to play, imagine, create, and be adventurous. We live in California with our 3 year old son Jordan and dog Squeegee. Your child will be welcomed into our laughter-filled home with a caring older brother and a loyal canine buddy.

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Age: 34
Occupation: Senior Engineer
Education: Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering
Hobbies: Woodworking, building
What You Should Know About Me:

Johnhan is honest, loyal, and always sees the best in people. He shows love by doing and is a playful and caring father. Johnhan was on the swim and water polo team in high school and loves football, and basketball. He looks forward to sharing this love of sports and encouraging our children to lead active lives.

Age: 33
Occupation: Student Services Manager at University
Education: Bachelor's in Communications and Economics
Hobbies: Gardening and Art
What You Should Know About Me:

Jeanne is such a caring and nurturing mother. She also is our family’s fun director and is always thinking up new places to explore. Jeanne also loves gardening and growing fruits and vegetables. She encourages our son to play outside and is excited to show another little one one the joy of creating and growing.

Age: 3
Occupation: student :)
What You Should Know About Me:

Our son Jordan is such a happy, silly little boy. His current interests center around trains and construction vehicles. Jordan loves to be outside – playing in his sandbox or riding his bike. Jordan has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh. Jordan is very caring and can’t wait to be a big brother!