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Josiah & Paige

young christian couple waiting for a child to love to start a family

Since I, Paige, was young all I've wanted to be is a stay at home mom. My husband, Josiah, has wanted to get married and start a family as well. When we got married wanted to start our family and have kids right away but couldn't. Since my parents adopted my brother we decided to adopt.

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William (Josiah)
William (Josiah)
Age: 26
Occupation: Manufacturing Engineer
Education: Masters in Quality Engineering
Religion: Christian
Hobbies: Digital Design, Legos, Video Games, Movies
What You Should Know About Me:

I am a fun loving guy who wants to raise and teach kids and be a good dad some day.

Age: 23
Occupation: stay at home wife
Education: graduated high school
Religion: christian
Hobbies: talking walks/hiking, reading, watching kids
What You Should Know About Me:

I've always wanted to be a stay at home mom. I love to watch and play with kids and want to have some of my own. I help a few ladies at church with their kids and housework.