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Kevin & Kevin

We are excited to grow our family through adoption and provide your child with the same love and support that we both experienced growing up

Thank you for visiting our profile! We are Kevin M. and Kevin O., and it is our dream to welcome a child into our lives to love and support unconditionally. We realize what an important and difficult decision this is, and we look forward to getting to know each other better during this journey.

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Kevin M.
Kevin M.
Occupation: Actuary / Finance
Education: Bachelor's in Math and Economics
Religion: Catholic
Hobbies: Running, Cooking, Playing Piano
What You Should Know About Me:

“Kevin always wants the best for those close to him. He’s super organized, loves cooking healthy meals, and keeps the household running smoothly. He’s a great provider and will do everything possible to support our children in pursuing their dreams.” - Kevin O.

Kevin O.
Kevin O.
Occupation: Pastor
Education: Bachelor's in Elem. Ed., Masters of Divinity
Religion: Lutheran
Hobbies: Reading, Gardening, Swimming
What You Should Know About Me:

“Kevin is authentic and easily connects with different people. He’s a natural around children, having worked at a daycare in college and interacting with kids through his church’s youth programs. I’ve seen first hand how he makes everyone feel special and included, and I know he’ll be a wonderful dad.” - Kevin M.