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Penny and Paul

We have loved building our family through adoption and are excited to continue to grow!

Thank you for considering us - we deeply admire the selflessness and love you must have. Adoption is the way that we've always wanted to build a family. We know that family is about an unconditional bond and commitment that people have for one another and we can’t wait to show a new baby that love!

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Occupation: Education
Education: PhD and Masters
Religion: Christian (Episcopalian)
Hobbies: Traveling, Sports, Reading
What You Should Know About Me:

Paul says: Penny loves children and spending time with her family. She is smart, supportive, and fun, and loves to celebrate! Penny works really hard to improve education for all children, and works equally hard for our two girls. She's an incredible mom and role model, with an endless amount of love and joy to share.

Occupation: School Principal and VP of Schools
Education: MA and an MAT
Religion: Catholic
Hobbies: Hiking, Sports, Reading
What You Should Know About Me:

Penny says: Paul is a great dad! His favorite thing to do on the weekends is watch our daughters play sports (and the occasional tea party). He is a fantastic teacher and principal, and is known for his respect, honesty, and kindness. Paul is one of the most reliable, committed, and supportive people I know.