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Shirin and Sachin

Family in NYC looking to adopt a 2nd child!

Hi! We are Shirin and Sachin, a happily married couple living in New York City. Last year, we welcomed our first child, a boy named Shaan. Becoming parents has brought a level of joy and meaning to our lives that is indescribable. We can’t wait to expand our family again!

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Occupation: Finance
Education: University in Philadelphia
Hobbies: Travel, Grammar, Reading to my son
What You Should Know About Me:

By just being her caring and fun self, she makes friends wherever she goes. I love how genuine she is with our friends and family and how her secret superpower is making people feel comfortable in any environment.

Occupation: advertising
Education: Post Graduate
Hobbies: Travel, Being Outside, Family
What You Should Know About Me:

When he sets his mind to something, he does everything he can to achieve it, whether it’s jumpstarting his career or making plans for our family’s future.