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Tim & Zach

We’re excited to become dads! There will be dad jokes, never-ending cuddles, and a life full of love.

We are Zach, Tim, and Andy; a family of two humans and a dog. We have built our family of three and hope to make it a family of four with your help! Our loving family came together in 2011 when Zach and Tim first met.

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Occupation: User Experience Designer/Researcher
Education: Masters in User Experience Design
Hobbies: playing piano, workout, cook
What You Should Know About Me:

I’m a pretty outgoing person with a sense of humor, trying to find laughter in a lot of lives moments. I love working with my hands, such as woodworking or building something for the house. This is something I would definitely teach my kid.

Occupation: Assistant Director Career & Academic Advising
Education: Masters in Higher Education
Hobbies: shopping, going on adventures around town
What You Should Know About Me:

Right now a lot of my time is spent working on my school work. When that is done, I enjoy spending time with Tim and Andy. Playing chase, throwing a ball, and taking Andy for walks can be the highlight of my day.