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Adoption Crowdfunding

What is adoption crowdfunding and how can it help your family as you try to adopt?

Five Things Never To Say To A Birthmother

You probably say #3 all of the time without even realizing it!

adoption center

Founded in 1982, IAC is a leading National Open Adoption Agency that has placed nearly 4,000 newborns. IAC informs, supports, and guides birth and adoptive parents through the process of creating healthy new families. Professional/Licensed/ Nonprofit.

Adoption Tax Credit

Why you may qualify for an adoption tax credit even if you haven’t adopted yet.

Obtaining Your Adopted Child’s Social Security Card

Is it really as difficult as it seems?

The Real Costs of US Adoption

Why is this woman smiling? Attorneys, advertising, and hidden fees you may not even know about.

Adoptions From The Heart

Adoptions From The Heart is a private, 501 C-3 non-profit, non-sectarian adoption agency, licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Virginia and Connecticut.