Yes, You Can Make A Great Adoption Profile Video

Making a great adoption video

We get it, making video content can be intimidating. But if you are serious about adopting a child, boosting your visibility on social media with videos can help you reach the right audience. (And no, you won't have to dance around in the supermarket aisle to get noticed!) In a sea of static adoptive parent photos, videos can be the key to making your family stand out. Especially when you consider the fact that most adoptive families will never take the plunge and create or benefit from an adoption video.

Here are 5 tips on how to create a GREAT and ENGAGING adoption profile or social video.

1. Record Vertically

This is the first step before pushing the record button! It is important to capture vertical footage in order to have the flexibility to post on multiple platforms. Vertical videos work well with TikTok, Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, and Snapchat Stories. The social media algorithms LOVE verticals videos and will push your audience reach to higher levels if they are recorded properly.

2. Tell Your Story

What brought you to the journey of adopting? Use this time to connect and share your personal anecdotes. You can create genuine connections by being authentic and relatable to your audience. Taking into account your viewers’ attention span, your videos should clock in at 30 seconds or less!

3. Share Your Personality

This is your time to showcase your personality. It gives your audience a better understanding of who you are as a person (or couple) and what you will be like as a parent. Sharing your hobbies, interests, and lifestyle will help your audience to connect with you on screen. And just maybe, some of your viewers will want to learn more about you.

4. Speak Up, Look Forward, And Smile!

Making eye contact with the camera and speaking clearly and concisely will immediately catch the attention of your audience. Smiling and appearing approachable will make your viewers want to learn more about you. Don't hold back. This is your chance to take the spotlight and let people know how passionate you are about adopting.

5. Know Your Audience

When creating your adoption video, it’s important to think about your audience. Cater your message to the people who you think are looking into adoption. Identify talking points from your adoption profile and share them in your video. Consistent messaging is key!

Finally, be careful when making your adoption video. If you aren't feeling it, chances are your audience won't either. Try recording several videos to increase your camera comfort level. Toss out the bad ones. As you gain more experience, you'll want to experiment adding background music, text, and maybe the occasional filter. You'll also want to post at the most strategic times to encourage greater audience engagement and reach.