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A Prayer For Birth Parents

Birthmother At The Window

Birthmothers are not all the same. The motivation to become a birthmother comes from many different sources. Some choose an adoption plan because they are young and have no means to parent, some have no support from the birthfather, others make the decision to choose adoption with the birthfather. Some are battling addiction; others feel a deep call inside that this baby was meant to be with an adoptive family. No matter what the reason, all birthmothers deserve respect, love, and a future filled with hope and blessings. The following is a prayer for birth parents.

Dear Merciful Father,

I ask you to bless all birth parents.

Please give them

Hope in a bright future and fill that future with abundant blessings;

Please give them

Peace of mind and heart for the incredible sacrifice they made for their children;

Please give them

Respect from others for the decision they chose;


Comfort and grace for choosing life over abortion.

I ask you Lord Jesus to

Bless all birth parents with a positive relationship with their child’s adoptive families.

Please bless these extended families with

Clear communication;

Constant gratitude;


Unconditional love.

I ask the Lord Jesus to heal the families that have not had a positive relationship in the past and to move forward with forgiveness, mercy and love.

May the Holy Spirit

Assure every birth parent:

That they are never alone;

That God loves them on a level so incredibly deep no human heart could fully comprehend it;

That there is always a reason to hope;

And that God created them for a reason only they can fulfill.

May all birth parents be blessed with

Endurance during difficult times;

Optimism for the road ahead;


Confidence in Divine Love.

I ask this most especially for my own child’s/children’s birth parents.