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Expectant and Birthmother Rights

Your Adoption Rights

As a birthmother or expectant mother considering adoption, you have rights. And it is important to know what your adoption rights are and to be informed and aware of them.

• First and foremost, you are your baby’s mother until you sign papers terminating your parental rights.

• You have the right to make all decisions regarding your healthcare and your hospital experience. These are your decisions and no one else’s.

• You have the right to control your hospital experience, decide who can or cannot be in the delivery room with you, etc.

• You have the right to name your baby. Yes, the adoptive parents can change the name later. But you have the right to choose a name and that name will appear on the original birth certificate.

• You have the right to have a copy of the birth certificate for safe keeping.

• You have the right to keep your baby in the hospital room with you, should you choose to do so.

• You have the right to make the placement decision in your own time. Deciding whether or not to place your child for adoption or parent your child is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Do not let anyone or even an impending due date rush you into a hasty decision. Take as much time as you need.

• You have the right to change your mind about placing your baby for adoption at any point BEFORE signing relinquishment papers. Once you sign relinquishment papers, it is more difficult and sometimes impossible to change your mind, depending on which state you relinquish. But if at any point you change your mind prior to signing those papers, you have the right do so and to parent your baby.

• You have the right to receive copies of all legal documents that you must sign pertaining to the adoption before you sign them so you or an attorney can look them over. You have a right to receive copies of these documents after they are signed.

Birthmother Rights After Adoption

What are a birth parents rights after adoption? A birth mother’s rights after adoption are limited by what type of adoption she chooses (open, closed, etc.) and by the laws of the state in which she lives.You may also want to consider creating an adoption agreement with the parents who adopt your baby. Learn more info about placing your baby for adoption or open adoption.