Sorry, Not Sorry: Infamous Adoption Scammer Returns To Harass Families

Adoption scammer contacting families

Infamous serial-adoption scammer Gabby received national attention recently on The Dr. Phil Show, where she was confronted by angry adoptive parents and adoption professionals. It seemed to be a turning point for Gabby, as she faced some of her victims and seemed to display genuine remorse for her cruel treatment of hundreds of well-intentioned adoptive parents.

But did Gabby truly turn a corner as some have come to believe? Or was the entire appearance yet another one of her many hoaxes?

"I just want to say I’m sorry to everyone that I’ve hurt," Gabby told The Dr. Phil Show.

But some adoption professionals and adoptive parents aren't so sure. "In the time since the program aired, we've heard from several of our families who appear to have been contacted by Gabby. We've also heard from another young woman accusing Gabby of stealing baby photos," says Rachel Keane, Customer Support Specialist at "Some of these contacts occurred literally within hours of the show's airing."

For everyone concerned with her mental health and well-being, this would mark another sad turn in Gabby's tragic story. And for adoptive parents, many of whom have already been duped by Gabby on multiple occasions, this is just another painful reminder of how challenging modern adoption can be.