Adopting Out of State

Traveling with adopted baby

Over the last few episodes, we’ve focused on openness in adoption – both in the immediate time of placement, shortly thereafter, and longer term. Today, we’re going to return to one element of the adoption process itself, and that’s the ICPC, which stands for the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children. Put simply, the ICPC comes into play when you are adopting from a state other than the one in which you live. It’s basically a lot of legal paperwork that both states need to approve. But it is necessary in order to ensure the safe placement of a child through adoption.

People who are brand new to adoption often assume that they will be adopting within the state in which they live. But that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, many parents will adopt from a state different than the one in which they live. You are not limited to your home state with your home study. Home studies travel. So you can, and should, be open to looking across state lines in order to increase your chances at meeting an expectant mother.

The Interstate Compact is a mechanism by which states can monitor and control which children leave their state and which children come in. In most states, when you go to finalize your adoption, the court is going to ask your attorney if your adoption complies with the Interstate Compact. So you must be ready and in compliance.

Join us today for an in-depth discussion of the ICPC and learn what it involves, what it means legally, and how to manage the wait. Our guest today is Robert LaMarche, executive director of ACF Adoptions in Florida.

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