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Adopting! The Podcast, Episode 12

Adoption Medicine, the information and resources you may need for medical situations related to your adoption, is the focus of this podcast. If you are working with an adoption agency or attorney you may be asked to obtain medical information on the birth mother. This may include an evaluation by a physician and analysis of birth mother health records or baby records. Join our special guest Dr. Melissa Goldstein from Carnegie Hill Pediatrics NY, as she talks about her expertise - helping families navigate these challenging steps toward adopting a child.

Adoption Medicine includes pre- and post-adoption counseling, such as: Substance Use / Malformation of an embryo, major risks of a birth mother’s medical history, including alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana, and much more. Get the information you will need about Adoption Medicine from a true medical expert.

Show Notes:

Melissa J. Goldstein, MD: Website
5 Questions With Esteemed Pediatrician Dr. Melissa Goldstein


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