Adoption Myths Versus Realities

Moving Beyond Common Adoption Misinformation, Beliefs, and Myths To Adopt Successfully

Adoption myths versus realities episode2

Adopting! The Podcast, Episode 2

This episode of Adopting! pulls back the curtain on everything you think you know about adoption from movies, media, and popular culture. Explore common adoption myths and the corresponding truths and realities. All too often misinformation and false facts keep potential parents from pursuing adoption. Join host Nicole Witt and her two expert guests, Amy Imber and Rob Webster for a closer look at some of the more prevalent myths and false information that can stop an adoption journey before it even begins. Get the answers to important questions like:

• Will my age, gender, or background prevent me from adopting?

• Is it really possible for a normal person to afford adoption? Are adoption grants and loans available?

• Will it take me years to adopt? Is it really possible to adopt an infant?

• Are there legitimate adoption agencies available that will protect my best interests?

• Can I love an adopted child as much as a biological child?

• Is open adoption the same as co-parenting?

• Can a birth mother change her mind and take my adopted child away from me?

• What is the role of the biological father in my adoption?

Adoption without misinformation is the best way to pursue adopting a child. Be as informed as possible about your adoption.

    Show Notes

    Amy Imber, Executive Director of Connecting Hearts Adoption
    Amy and her agency have been solely providing the home study service to prospective adoptive families across Florida since 2008.

    Rob Webster, Board-certified Adoption Attorney, Jeanne Tate Law
    Rob's practice focuses on litigation & appeals arising from contested adoptions. |


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