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How To Identify and Protect Your Family From Adoption Scams

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Adopting! The Podcast, Episode 8

Adoptions scams occur when a person with no intention of placing her child for adoption deceives adoptive parents into financial or emotional support. This podcast explores how you can protect yourself from adoption scam situations. Contrary to what you may read or see on the news, adoption scams aren't nearly as common as you might think. Most adoption scams are discovered early on in the adoption process before real harm can be done. And most scams are very easy for an adoption professional to identify. However, all adoptive parents should be mindful and wary of adoption scams and that is the purpose of this podcast. We'll explore the two different types of scammers you may encounter (emotional and financial), red flags you can look out for, and the best ways you can protect your family from getting duped. Join our guest, adoption attorney Brian Esser, as we take a closer look at one of the biggest issues facing adoptive parents today.

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• Tips For Avoiding Adoptions Scams: Scam Blog

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