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With President & CEO of The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, Rita Soronen

Foster care adoption podcast

Adopting! The Podcast, Episode 13

Do you believe that it is too expensive to adopt a child from foster care? Or that you aren't qualified? Every five years, the Dave Thomas Foundation commissions The Adoption Attitudes Survey, which concerns contemporary attitudes toward adopting older children from the foster system. Listen as President & CEO of the Dave Thomas Foundation, Rita Soronen, discusses the results of the recent survey and debunks several common myths surrounding the public perception of foster-care adoption. For more than 30 years, RIta Soronen has worked on behalf of abused, neglected, and vulnerable children. Rita works to find adoptive families for the more than the 150,000 children waiting in North America's foster systems.

Common Myths Explored In This Podcast:

- It is too Expensive to Adopt. Adopting from foster care is not expensive. In fact, unlike private adoption and other forms of adoption, the majority of foster-care fees are covered by the state. Generally a foster care adoption will cost between $0 - $1000.

- The Fear of Biological Parents. This is a myth that cannot occur. A child is legally separated from his/her biological parents in foster-care adoption.

- Foster-care children are juvenile delinquents. This is another common but totally unfounded myth. Children go into foster care because they are abused, neglected, and have experienced other traumas. Not because they have committed criminal acts.

- I'm not Qualified to Adopt. Families who adopt from foster care are diverse and come from all walks of life. Single parents can adopt. Older parents can adopt. Same-sex couples can adopt. If you are interested in adopting from foster care, chances are you and your family are already qualified.

Show Notes:

Link to full Adoption Attitudes Survey
Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption Website
Rita Soronen's bio


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