Overcoming A Failed Adoption Match

Overcoming a failed adoption match

Adopting! The Podcast, Episode 11

One of the greatest fears of adoptive parents is an adoption match falling through. This happens when an expectant mother chooses to parent instead of placing her child for adoption. Very few adoptive parents will ever begrudge a woman for making the decision to parent. It is, after all, her right. But this does not make a failed adoption match hurt any less. In this important episode, we’ll focus on the very real ramifications of a failed adoption match. The feeling of emotional loss and how to best manage these feelings as you try to move forward on your journey. Nicole’s special guest in this episode is Katherine Roth, Counselor and Infant Family Specialist at Empowered Life. Topics include: When do failed matches usually occur? How often do failed adoption matches occur? What are the benefits of counseling after a failed adoption match? Get the info you need to learn how to get past a failed adoption match and stay on a healthy path toward your adoption.

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