401: An Adoptee, Birth Mom, & Adoption Professional All in One

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There are very few people who have the multi-perspectives and lived experience in adoption that Rebecca Ricardo has. Rebecca joined her family through adoption – this means she is an adoptee. As a young teen she placed her son for adoption, embarking on the journey of a birth mom. Due to her experiences and interests, for the last few decades, Rebecca has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, serving as Executive Director for a licensed agency in Richmond, VA, C2Adopt. Don't miss this episode full of aha moments that will help you along your own adoption journey.

Rebecca's Adoption Story

Rebecca was adopted during the Baby Scoop era in the 1960s, a turbulent time for pregnant women and their families. During this period, expectant mothers were often exploited for their babies, while adoptive parents received little guidance on how to care for and handle adoption. Rebecca’s family was open about her adoption from an early age, but never discussed any of the hard parts of adoption like loss, grief, or attachment issues.The agency that facilitated Rebecca’s adoption attempted to match children with adoptive families based on physical appearance in order to appear as though the child was born into the family instead of through adoption.However, as is often the case, Rebecca had different physical characteristics than her siblings and parents. Over time, this created turmoil and confusion within the family dynamic and contributed to additional feelings of isolation from Rebecca’s adopted peers, who had similar backgrounds she couldn’t identify with.

It can be difficult when adoptees can’t talk openly about their story because it implies there is something wrong with them, which affects trust and attachment. In this podcast, Rebecca explains how she straddled two worlds throughout life - with a great divide between her biological family and adoptive family. For adoptees, there can be lifelong challenges such as feeling uncertain if they deserve love. Being adopted has lifelong effects on an adoptee's relationships and how they interact socially.

For other adoptees out there like Rebecca, understanding one’s identity can be complex. But there are resources available to help figure out these tough questions along the way. Many organizations have formed support groups specifically designed for adoptees which offer safe spaces to discuss issues related to their journey as well as provide access to counseling services if needed. It is important that adoptees take advantage of these valuable resources where they can speak freely without judgment while learning more about themselves in the process.

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