302: Attunement In Adoptive Parenting

Attunement in adoption ep302

Adoption: The Long View Podcast, Episode 302

We talk often on this show about attunement in adoptive parenting, which is the process of intuiting in the moment what your child needs from you. The first step is to understand as best you can the perspective of an adoptee. You won’t get this from listening to one adoptee’s story, or two, or ten, but to many. As you DO listen to adoptees and their experiences of being adopted, you will begin to spot patterns, commonalities, and a-has that can help you hone your ability to feel with your child, setting you up to respond more appropriately and with connection in those crucial moments where connection is called for but may not come easily.

To that end, we have two guests today who have made it their life’s work to express their experiences as adoptees through plays and other creative endeavors. This is a gift to us adoptive parents, for absorbing experiences through theater is one way to feel alongside a character. In this case, adoptees in starring roles. This is why I’m so pleased to have Maggie Gallant and Suzanne Bachner talk with us.

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